We, Advance Cars, are dynamic team of professionals. We are eager to provide opportunity for individuals who share passion for achieving excellence either on telephone, coordinating and controlling entire operation (in milieu of Customer Care) until job is done with excellence. Advance Cars rewards its call centre staff with some of the best pay rates to be found in the east London. We are providing our services to the community since 1991 and pride it on being an enjoyable, helpful, rewarding and much friendly place to work.

Sale representative

Sale representative required, Sales Representative must be able to liaise with bars, firms and restaurants to increase business. Cold calling will be required plus meeting the responsible decision makers. Must be driven, charming and have a good communication skills to be able to work under own direction and motivation. Experience within the industry is essential.


Experienced Controllers Required. Controller must be proactive; customers focused and have the ability to work in team, dealing with drivers and customer service agents or telephonists. You will have entire operational and leading role. Success of Advance Cars has been founded on short passenger waiting time & providing a good service to customers.

Customer Service Agents

Experienced customer service agents are required to work day or night shifts. You must be proactive, empathic skill, good keyboard skills, excellent communication skills, professional telephonic manners, proactive and the ability to understand the importance of customer service, are essentials.

Experienced telephone specialists are required. You must have high degree of telephonic manners, able to manage call under pressure, pleasant accent and voice, excellent listening skills even handling difficult customers.

Best people to help and impress customers should have attributes:

a desire to success
Exceptional Customer Service skills

would you like to work for Advance Cars:
Giving a brief C.V and your contact details. All interviewees must have an appointment.
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At Advance Cars, we believe that hard work deserves reward. As well as keeping your vehicle you could earn even more than 1000 per week by providing friendly and safe journey to our clients. You will be provided with everything you could possibly need for a long and prosperous career with our company. If you are enthusiastic, reliable, have a good knowledge of London places and speak fluent and professional English, you are welcome to apply to become our company driver.

You will need a Transport for London Private Hire License (formerly known as a TFL license) in order to work with us.

The more journeys you complete, the more money you will receive.

There are two types of booking at Advance Cars. Our priority service is account based bookings. For these journeys you will not receive cash from the client but you will be paid weekly.

Secondly, there are cash bookings for those journeys, the client will pay you directly, in cash, when you have completed the journey.

All Advance Cars drivers are Self-Employed. It is the drivers responsibility to ensure that his vehicle always contains enough fuel to complete each journey.

All vehicles have satellite navigation with PDA(s). Furthermore, all drivers at Advance Cars will be required backgrounds checks. Before starting work with us, you will need to provide us following documents:

Driving license (both parts)
TFL license (both parts)
One personal latest photograph
National Insurance No. (NI)

Vehicle Registration Certificate (Log Book)
MOT Test Certificate (MOT)
Vehicle insurance
Vehicle TFL license

You must have a less then 5 year old saloon, estate, 7-seater and be ready to join one of East London's fastest growing Private Hire company.

Would you like to become a driver with a professional company
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